How to install the linux port of Xbox Media Center

The xbox media center is an awesome media center app. And now it runs on Linux. Though their website doesn't make it sound promising, it actually works almost perfectly. Follow the instructions below to get it working under Feisty Fawn:

  1. Check out the source using these instructions, but don't run build.sh yet.
  2. Go to the /media/fonts folder inside your XBMC folder you just checked out.
  3. Change the "arial.ttf" file to "FrankophilSans.ttf"
  4. Continue with instructions, using the build.sh script method.
  5. After launching, to go to full screen, use the "\" (not "/") key.
Have fun!

Now here's a video of what you get:


jarlen said...

Excellent! But will it play like 720p x264 files? Or is the hw-support for movies not built out yet? Since the original xbmc for xbox will allow this i guess it should work fine, could anyone with this installed have a test run on codec/formats etc?

Jordan said...

Gavin, what is going on with you and the Internet, I don't seem to be able to get away from you. I join a ML on Compiz-Fusion, there you are. I go to YouTube there you are. I post a story about XBMC on Digg, there you are in comments. I check out how to install XBMC on linux and there you are again.

Gavin: Taking over the web, one site at a time

Anonymous said...

the build fail for me. maybe it will work in a later release.

napox said...

Gavin, if you use the -q tag for running XBMC it wont show the computer info on the top of your screen.