Video: Running Through Waldorfschule Klagenfurt

A Final Post

All right guys, I'm coming back to the states. I've had enough of all this Austrian business...Naw, just kidding. I need to go back because of my visa.

It was great in Austria... I will definitely miss it a lot. Right now, I have been a bit bored in Klagenfurt because we don't do much in school, and it's too cold to stay outside, and too warm for snow. But in summer Klagenfurt is awesome, and I bet it's really cool in winter too because of the snow, skiing, and the lake is frozen (think ice skating).

Just right now we're at the transition stage. Also, the fact that I have a girlfriend is also making Klagenfurt especially boring. You see, Renuka (see the post before this) is in Freistadt, 5 hours by train from Klagenfurt. So the only possibilty is Skype, or with cell phones. And Helga doesn't like me to be on the computer too much (that's good), and she's busy, and often using the only computer that has internet in the house.

Luckily, this gives me much time for writing on my palm pilot, and so this post can be very long.

Thanks everyone for your nice comments, for those of you who haven't commented yet, it's very easy, and you don't need to put in your email or anything... Click where it says Comments under the post you want to comment on. Also note that though I may not respond, I recieve each and every one through email as soon as it's posted.

So yes, I'm leaving Austria this week, Friday morning reeally early. Then, if everything works out, I'll stay with my cousin in London for one night, then go on Air India to New York the next day.

Then on Sunday I'll get reaccustomed to English and I guess go directly back to school on Monday... Can't wait to see everyone again!

Renuka is looking forward to Easter, and so am I. Why? She's coming to New York then! Hooray! (Renuka, noch ein mal: ich freue mich schon auf Östern!!)

Speaking of languages (no pun intended.... Eww that's a bad one), I am so much better at German now. I can't believe it...just three months ago I remember listening to Isaak and Micki talking in Corinthian dialect and thinking, "Wow I can understand a few words there! Not bad..." Now, of course, I can understand them almost effortlessly, really! I understand radio, TV, everything. And I also can speak "schon sehr gut Deutsch [very good German already]" according to Renuka's mother. Sometimes I say a sentence and then realize that something was wrong and correct myself, but these are only tiny silly grammar errors like "Ich habe gefahren" instead of "Ich bin gefahren". Now and then, I stumble upon a really difficult sentence that I really mess up, but that's becoming less frequent.

Another thing: I may now and then write ys instead of zs because I've gotten used to the german keyboard which is switched. The keyboard I have now is american, and upstairs it's german, so it's a bit hard.

By the way, I will bring a few speaking habits with me back to the US. One thing I'm sure I'll do for a while as soon as I come back to America is say, "Hallo" instead of "Hello" on the phone, and probably say ciao when saying bye to someone. Other things, also, such as "Weh" (pronounced "Vey") for when I'm disgusted at something instead of "Eww". That's how they say it in Austria. Another one, "Ja" or "Jo" (pronounced ya, yo) for yes. I will definitely do that.

Frau Kerl, wenn Sie dieses Text lesen, sollen Sie etwas wissen: Wann ich wieder in New York bin, werden Sie sehr froh sein , weil ich bin viel besser in Deutsch. Vielleicht wird es schwer für Sie, weil die andere Schüler wissen nicht so viel wie ich. Aber wahrscheinlich werden Sie dieses Blog nicht lesen.... Und damit sollte ich diesem Text nicht schrieben....*beck*. Auf jedem Fall, Renuka wird dises Text lesen, und sie wird sicher lachen...lol. Und Ezra auch... Aber nur ihr drei, und Isaak, wenn du auch das Blog liest, und Micki, und...eigentlich viele Leute!! Ich habe so viele Freunde in Österreich, und das ist echt gut! (entschuldigung, wenn ich Fehler gemacht habe.....oh, und wenn ich Fehler gemacht habe, bitte ein Comment.)

....sorry for everyone who couldn't read that. Bye all!


I Love Renuka

This is my girlfriend Renuka. I met her when she came to Micky's house because her sister had a percussion concert in Klagenfurt.

Us walking in Freistadt, holding hands of course. Who cares if she's short, that doesn't matter.

Sorry that I haven't written anything for a long time, and expect a new, long literary post tomorrow or the day after.