Purty pitchur onna plane

I thought some folks might like this pic I took. (via flickr)


New Beta of Skype for Linux Solves Video Issues

"Many historians foretold of the moment when X would mark the spot on a map. Today, I can happily tell you that we have found the X on our development roadmap, and underneath lies a treasure previously unattainable to some - Video." Now this I'm really excited about. I'm downloading now!

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Cinelerra community forks the video editor

"The community surrounding Cinelerra, one of the premier non-linear video editors for Linux, has decided to strike off in its own direction and rewrite Cinelerra under a new codebase." This sounds interesting because maybe it will provide Linux with a good video editor!

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Hilarious French Machinima Series "Bill et John" (w/ subtitles)

This is the hilarious first episode of "Bill et John", a machinima series based on Lock On Modern Air Combat. There are subtitles. Enjoy! See the first comment for the second episode too!

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Current plans for Ubuntu 8.04

From Digg:

This is subject to change during the ongoing UDS Boston Meeting, but we are likely to see a complete new Ubuntu theme, a new icon theme, a revamp of the logout dialog, changes to the desktop effects, changes to the login screen and implementation of automated tests in Ubuntu 8.10.

Now that Ubuntu has released Gutsy Gibbon, they're already planning the next release, Hardy Heron (8.04). There are some very exciting developments coming up. Check it out!

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How to install the linux port of Xbox Media Center

The xbox media center is an awesome media center app. And now it runs on Linux. Though their website doesn't make it sound promising, it actually works almost perfectly. Follow the instructions below to get it working under Feisty Fawn:

  1. Check out the source using these instructions, but don't run build.sh yet.
  2. Go to the /media/fonts folder inside your XBMC folder you just checked out.
  3. Change the "arial.ttf" file to "FrankophilSans.ttf"
  4. Continue with instructions, using the build.sh script method.
  5. After launching, to go to full screen, use the "\" (not "/") key.
Have fun!

Now here's a video of what you get:


Another month in Austria

Well, I'm back in Austria for a month. I'm visiting my girlfriend here. We've watched a lot of movies, and installed Ubuntu on her computer, and gone hiking, and eaten lots of her mother's amazing food, all the while speaking a mix of German and English.

I have some photos taken on our hike today for your enjoyment! You might be able to use some of them as wallpapers if you want.


Yet Another Desktop Configuration

I chose to remove the top panel with this wallpaper, since that way it would appear more "open". The same wallpaper works well as a skydome, as well!


New Compiz Fusion Videocast: FusionCast

Please check out my new Videocast: the FusionCast!


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Avant Window Navigator SVN

Take a look at bleeding-edge AWN:
Remember, this is free, and out BEFORE leopard ;)

I love it.