Yet Another Desktop Configuration

I chose to remove the top panel with this wallpaper, since that way it would appear more "open". The same wallpaper works well as a skydome, as well!


New Compiz Fusion Videocast: FusionCast

Please check out my new Videocast: the FusionCast!


And digg it if you like it, digg button on that page :) Thanks!

Avant Window Navigator SVN

Take a look at bleeding-edge AWN:
Remember, this is free, and out BEFORE leopard ;)

I love it.


Two New Compiz Fusion Plugins: Screensaver and Aquarium

There are two new plugins available in Compiz Fusion git, so I made a screencast of them.

Getting Started With Compiz Fusion

A new tutorial video I made. Enjoy


Now, googling compiz fusion links to my video

That's just really cool... :) Thanks to all who made it popular.