Two New Compiz Fusion Plugins: Screensaver and Aquarium

There are two new plugins available in Compiz Fusion git, so I made a screencast of them.


Robert said...

It is because of content like this that has got me interested in learning how to use Linux. I recently downloaded and installed Ubuntu, which is quite a departure from XP. Trying to install and compile software seems a bit daunting but after a few hours I was able to get compiz with a few plugins working. Would you by chance have a compiled distro that would have all of this eye candy (including themes, wallpapers, fusion ETC)already rolled in? That would be really cool!

Gavin said...

Sabayon Linux has beryl installed automatically, and I heard in a week or so they are changing to Fusion. If you prefer something easy like ubuntu, Gutsy Gibbon (the next ubuntu) is coming in October. It will have Compiz Fusion preinstalled and activated. Even more easy than the "desktop effects" dialog.