Now, googling compiz fusion links to my video

That's just really cool... :) Thanks to all who made it popular.


Ehsan said...

Hi Gavin!

A very good and informative blog you have. I fell upon your YouTube demonstration video of CF when I was reading tech. news on Digg and I must say I was impressed to say the least. I have seen Compiz and Beryl running live before, but I find CF much more appealing and attractive. It's smoother somehow! :)

I put up your video on my blog as well as linked to your installation guide. Hope that is fine with you. You can read the entry here:

ZahraProductions.net >> Revolutionize Your Desktop!

Warm Regards,

Squigglethecow said...

Well nice job making a good video!

I actually came across that vid while I was researching linux before I switched