Minimundus is a place in Klagenfurt where they have models of buildings and other objects scaled down to a much smaller size. We went there today, and here are some pictures I took.

There were some gigantic fish in this pond, but small ships. This picture is kind of funny because the ship is so small but the fish is so big. That fish was about two feet long and 8 inches thick.
This is the CN tower in Montréal, with the Eiffel Tower on the side.
Eiffel Tower, and other buildings.
A replica of Mesa Verde in Colorado (they haven't finished it yet, but it's looking good. I went to the real one on a vacation a few years ago. It looks almost exactly like that.
A replica of an Austrian train line making its way around Minimundus. There's another train there that emits "smoke" (think fog machine) and looks really cool.

Find out more at http://www.minimundus.at .


Ezra said...

i think the space needle is the CNN tower in montréal. But im not sure

Gavin said...

Thanks for the correction. It's been edited.