"Finally, another post!"

Sorry that I haven't written anything lately. I am adapting to Austria and don't have much time. I haven't been writing a journal right now, but right now I can tell you a little about what I've been doing.

I am only now just starting to speak German, however I can understand more and more of what people are saying when they talk to one another. My first German semi-private lesson (it was with the other visiting student, he's from New Zealand) was today, it was good. It's amazing how quickly one can learn a language. After about two weeks I can already understand most simple German conversations. Although I can not yet carry on a conversation, I think my progress so far is great.

I started school on Monday, and find it a bit challenging. It's great, though, that school ends at 12 quite often (3:00 is the latest). The earliest is eleven, on Friday.

Everyone is nice, and everything is going well, although I am starting to feel a little less happy as before. I know this is usual, though, so I am not going to let the feeling hurt me too much. The New Zealander has been with his host family since July, and he says that it is usual for one to feel a little down after a few weeks. After that though, it just gets better and better, so I am waiting for that!

We are very active here, riding bikes to and from school, and going on hikes up in the mountains often, as well as swimming about every other day.

Mit freundlichen Grüߟen (with friendly greetings),


Anonymous said...

Hi Gavin, we're thinking of you. Soon you'll be speaking german really well. Ezra's mom

Anonymous said...


Keep doig stuff, Austria seems like a neat thing in your life now, even if you are a little homesick. This is normal, I would know, and the benefits outweigh the initial sea-sickness... Keep us posted on your blog, amigo!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gavin,
Great to follow your journey - the ups - and the downs! Everyone's enjoying your blog.
Special love, Mom