Austria Journal: All about the pre-dumpage vacation

Days until departure: 3
Another shot of the Wörthersee

So it isn't as simple as I put it yesterday. I'm not just going to Austria. I'm actually going all around Europe first, during the summer. Then, I'll go to Austria for the beginning of this school year.

On the first day, we're going to fly in and sleep (the jet lag is going to be a killer). Then we're off to visit my Austrian host family for a few days, so that my parents can get to know them a bit before they dump me with them.

After that, it's off to the rest of Europe including the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, and other places.

Finally, we'll end the vacation with a Polish wedding: my Cousin Tarot and his fiancee are to be wed in Gdansk.

All in all, this vacation will be a real great one, probably the bast I've ever had!

So after that, I'll get dumped back in Austria. Don't get me wrong though! I am looking forward to it!


Tarot & Paulina said...

Nothing like getting dumped off in a foreign country. We were wondering if there would be a special on Jingle Radio with live coverage of the dumping. By the way, we tried that alligator thing but never got that $1000 paycheck. Believe me, it was tough to find an alligator in England, and those teeth really needed some crunching, also Japanese soy sauce helped.

callil said...

This sounds awesome you should have a great time

mara said...

yea i must say the dumping does seem pretty intemse...i mean, i'd hate to be left in beautiful, scenic, georgeous Austria for a few months with an awesome family...how horrible. I'm completely jealous of you as you can tell. My exchange is coming tomorrow! And she speaks no english! Should be fun. Anyway, thanx for the email and i'll have fun reading these blogs...keep us posted! Have an AWESOME time