Playing Halo Trial without Windows (or Mac.. hehe)

This is a video I made of me playing halo trial with WINE on ubuntu. Although there are a few annoyances, it works quite nicely and is fun to play. Halo trial is downloadable off the Microsoft website. I did not need to change wine in any way to play it, though I did turn off CompComm so that I have more memory space to play.

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Dwight said...

got it working last night with wine... sweet!

Anonymous said...

wtf i got the halo trial but when i start it up i get a stalled screen its show a ic of halo and HALO in big letters (game begin screen. ive looked at it soooo many times that i even know how to exit. the exit vid works fine and i far exeed the limits for graphics card and memory so wut do i do??????? PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!