Vista-like Ubuntu

I showed you my desktop before. Well, today I tried to make it look like Windows Vista. It doesn't look exactly like it, but I didn't try very hard. One cool thing though: The windows are still wobbly, making this BETTER than vista... "hasta la Vista" i suppose....


brent said...

Yeah, the only problem with that is that Vista outperforms Ubuntu in areas like multimedia --probably the most significant area as far as features that most desktop users want.

Ubuntu is cool, but to say that it is better than Vista, I would have to totally disagree with.

It all depends on what you want to get out of your machine, I suppose. If I want a stable server, I might choose to go with Dapper or Debian. But if I want a desktop system with bells, whistles, and real multimedia functionality and capability, I will choose XP or Vista over any Linux distro. And yes Apple OSX is cool too, if you want to actually spend that much $$.

Just my humble opinion --one which is shared by the vast majority of computer users in the world.

In other words, use what works for you. I do.

To me Ubuntu is a cool hobby OS, but in no means do I consider it any type of "replacement" for Windows.

I do not buy in to the thinking that just because something is open-source, that this makes it automatically better. That is way too close-minded for my type of intelligent thinking.

Sorry (not).

Gavin said...

Thanks for the comment. I do agree that Ubuntu is NOT for the average user--it's VERY hard to set up compared to XP (although the initial installation was a bit faster I believe).

One reason I'm using Ubuntu is because I really don't like the way windows looks and I really like Beryl. Also, I don't have money for software. If I had enough money and Ubuntu wasn't an option, I would go with Mac OS X for sure.

Mac OS X actually costs less than XP... and the machines themselves are costing less and less. Apple's really going good places, but for now, I'm staying with Ubuntu.

Multimedia is not quite as good on Ubuntu, but my system will play DVD's, music, and (although not many) some good shootemup games (Nexuiz, for example. Also, with Wine, you can play the Halo Multiplayer mode without a problem). My web browser plays all the multimedia on all the pages, except Quicktime, but that's just because of some problem somewhere in the configuration (and most people won't get this because they don't have AMD64 like I do).

So, though I wholeheartedly agree that for most people who actually have money and don't care about not having Beryl, Ubuntu is not a good option, I still believe this OS might be useful for some people.

And I do want to say that once you get it working properly, Beryl IS much, much better than XP or OS X, hands down. My videos were really horrible. As soon as I get my new LCD I am going to videotape Beryl in action, instead of using the screencast app, because it slows everything down. AND, beryl is still in Alpha...

So, can you defend your position on multimedia for me? Besides gaming (I know that Linux is not so good for that), what other multimedia things are you talking about? dvd's, music, podcasts, (almost all) flash files on the i-net, cd's.... what's missing?

Again, thanks... and let's not start a flamewar, I'm not going to try to convert you ;) .

Anonymous said...

You guys are both wrong. Ubuntu is a far better os then windows is.........period.

There isn't any multimedia formats that it cant play and it does them all faster and with less memory then windows. Boot time is faster, mem requirements are less, it does far more with less resources. Yeah out of the box Vista supplies more, but the repositories on the net you get everything you need to do anything for free. I had vista on this laptop. All bells and whistle disabled, min config with every speed up trick I could find, slow as a wet week.

Now I have ubuntu, in the multi media dept I can do things that only the highest end desktops could do with Vista. Intellegence? Unbuntu is for intellegent people and Vista is for dummies. Intellegent people dont find a bit of extra thought and learning to set up or configure things too much of a task....dummies do.

Anonymous said...

Lol, you guys are ALL dummies. Everyone knows that REAL intelligent people wear Hollister and Air Jordans.

By the way, nice desktop. I didn't know you could make the title bars look like that.