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Hi again! I've decided to update everyone on what's going on, and I have time now, so might as well.

Today it was rainy, but quite warm, for mid-autumn. We were able to bike outside at 7:30 in the morning with only long-sleeve shirts (and raincoats, but only becuase it was spitting rain). This is much different from a week ago, when I was cold even with my sweatshirt, and, riding the bike, my hands felt almost frozen, and I had to put my left hand in my pocket, then alternate with the right.

Today in History we watched The Life of Brian (in German, of course, but with English subtitles so Josh and I could get the jokes). Why did we watch it? I guess just because the teacher likes Monty Python. After seeing it today, I'd like to see it in English sometime, also The Meaning of Life.

I am writing all this in French class, because I have nothing better to do. Later on, I will go into the city by bus, so that I can go to Gym, which is not at the school. Returning back home, I won't have much to do.

Lately I have been saying everything I can in German, and because of this I have learned much more and realized how well I can speak German. It has also reassured me of different peculiarities in German which I had only guessed were true.

I think the Austrians don't realize how much I have learned. For instance, Helga recently asked me if it had really been worth it for me to come to Austria. Of couse it has been worth it! I can easily say that I have learned more than ten times as many German words and phrases that I knew before my stay in Austria. I could fill a book with all the words and phrases I know now, compared to before, when it would have been maybe 10 or 11 pages (still a lot, but not as much as now).

Anyway, I'm doing fine, and hope that all you readers are too!


Mom said...

Great! Keep up the talking. Sounds like fun!

lucy the dog said...

i miss u so much. when u come home i am going 2 jump on u and lick u

genniii said...

Great to see you doing good!
.... George/genniii of Rainier