Adblock Plus and Blogger 2 Conflict

Error when using adblock plus with EASYLIST USA: The "SAVE CHANGES" button doesn't work when EDITING a widget. Adding a widget works fine, but editing one messes up.

SOLUTION (at least it worked for me): Add " @@|http://www2.blogger.com " to your list. That will whitelist blogger 2. I am in contact with the guy who manages Easylist, and he will probably fix this error very soon. (see topic on the Adblock Plus forums: http://adblockplus.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=8539#8539 )


Performancing... ok, not so useful

So, Performancing looked neat, but then I found out that it doesn't support blogger image uploading, and now I just found out it doesn't support blogger tags... so I think I am going to uninstall it from Firefox.

I want to have labels, so it's not very useful. Oh well, we can wait and see, maybe it will get better. And anyway, the new Blogger is much faster anyway, and not a problem anymore.

Stunning photos by Ezra

A couple of you probably know Ezra, my friend. We'll, maybe you don't know this...

He has a blog, and has beautiful pictures of the place where he is living currently in Germany. I put a feed on the side of this blog of his posts, but here's the direct link:


Here's an example of one of the photos Ezra took:



Folding@Home is a program that you can download (free) like SETI@Home, but it's actually doing beneficial things for science. Try it out.


It simulates protein folding... look on their website.


Performancing Screenshot

Performancing for Firefox

I'm just trying out this Extension for firefox called Performancing. It lets you add blog posts directly from the browser... Very cool.

This is a test of it... see how it comes out!

The next post will have a screenshot... sadly, you can't add images directly from Performancing because it doesn't support Blogger's Images feature.